Saturday, February 20, 2010

today's playlist! - 2/20/2010

ryan's set
seether - fake it
stone temple pilots - interstate love song
taking back sunday - new again
u2 - yahweh
weezer - love is the answer

tiegan's set
ben lee - gamble everything for love
belle and sebastian - step into my office baby
van morrison - brown eyed girl
the format - she doesn't get it
ben folds - there's always someone cooler than you

jessica's set
meagan smith - here comes your man
the perishers - trouble sleeping
simon & garfunkel - homeward bound
regina spektor - us
this thrills - big sur
hall and oates - you make my dreams

nora's set
joni mitchell - big yellow taxi
blink182 - what's my age again?
chamillionaire - good morning
the afters - myspace girl
vampire weekend - horchata

gerardo's set
queen - spread your wings

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